inspiration. it’s just as important as you imagine it could be.

+Guy A. Person Absolutely!  I mean, look at little ol’ me here; I made a comment on the video.  2500+ likes on a comment I made!  Michael’s video inspired me to comment, which inspired you to reply, which inspires me that the potential to entirely change the world through interacting with people you don’t already know – like on the Internet, is humungous.

inspiration to me, is the key.  What the inspiration is about doesn’t even matter that much to me; but look at what physically happened:

You clicked on a comment box.  You typed, gathering your thoughts in words on a screen and sent it.  It’s out there.  It’s public.  You made a statement that I read.  That others will read.  The gist of your idea will spark something in someone else’s mind; someone who isn’t in the room with you.  Someone you will probably never meet.

And they’ll carry that little spark with them…. and do something with it.

We take it for granted; but… it’s so darned powerful.


Nov 26, 2014

+Jonathan Cooper I enjoyed it.  Immensely.  You think like I do.  The education we deserve is nothing short of everything.  We may not get it, but damn, I’m trying. I never stopped.

Just recently, I decided to try to get all of my thoughts together.  LITERALLY.   I thought, “What if I gathered every thought I ever thunk and put it into one place?  What would come of it?”  And I started.  At least with the public ones.  I’ve made tens of thousands of posts through the years online about all kinds of things.  I’ve written notes in notebooks, on computers…   I got 26,000 of them together; just everything i ever wrote on facebook and google+  (it’s on icopiedyou dot com – but my brain is a boring place to search – I slowed down collecting when I realized that I tended to talk about the same things over and over again).

and I studied cognition and philosophy and neuroscience, trying to learn how it is we think… trying to find that “something” that nobody else has seen; that idea that nobody else has had… that connection that can bring it all together

and I discovered..  I’m not my brain.  I’m a body, a person, living in the world.  I have biological limitations based on the era in history that I happened to be born into, the year I was born, which affected the education I received and the expectations society has on me… and… this…

…I don’t have to do it alone.  I CAN’T do it alone.  But as long as someone out there… a human somewhere either has done it, or can do it, or will do it someday…  then I’M a success.

But how do I know for sure?  Can I?

I study.  I research.  I talk to people.  I let other people – like you – inspire me – which you have tremendously.  And i hope that, somehow, I’ve helped inspire someone else.  I look for inspiring people and inspirational situations when I find them and I sit back and cheer for humanity.

And together, perhaps we are something goes beyond our personal timelines, our histories, our cultures, our educations, and certainly beyond our individual brains… and maybe humanity is really an organism that lives for hundreds of thousands of years… and we are each a part of it.

I don’t know.  I really don’t know for sure.  It’s a belief.  A hope.  But I like the concept that I am a part of something more… and there is no knowledge that any human could ever think anywhere at any time that I am not capable of.

If someone thought it 3000 years ago, or will think it in 10,000 years, I see no reason that I can’t think it now.  Today.  Here.   So I keep reading and learning and communicating and watching videos and challenging myself to go beyond.  And.. thank you, Jonathan.  To me, it’s not the just the message but the media it is carried on; the inspiration.  You passed the torch to me and lit me up.  See those words?  They’re thanks to you.

You don’t have to wait to make a difference.  You already do.  Keep up the great work my friend.  You are not a 0.  I doubt you ever were, nor will you ever be.

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