Innovation is good but watch out for hype

I haven’t played them in years either; it was only about a 2.5 yr period of my life; although I *did* get to supplement my income for 13 years off of it, which was nice

Anyway, belief in innovation is a good thing, as long as it’s tempered by a strong skepticism.

Hype/Hyperbole or plain ol’ bullshit – is really important to ‘see through’ – or:

“How it appears to be” vs “How it most likely really is”

Examples: Over the past few years, various companies have claimed, “WE HAVE THE HUMAN BRAIN ON A CHIP”

But, they don’t.


But, they don’t.

It’s not innovation unless there’s industry behind it that is visible, useful, practical. Otherwise, it’s just tricks and hype. Snake oil. Mercury.

Hype has always been apart of corporate America but it has found its way into every institution. It’s there, and it’s a part of things. It’s not bad, but it simply “is”.

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