inherent morality? Yes, some.


  • Is there inherent morality?
    I don’t think there is necessarily one that speaks for all humanity – BUT is it possible to have a moral code that is distinct from the society at large? Yes, I believe so.

    Is it all conditioning?
    A lot of learning takes place before the age of 2. Most of it certainly by the age of four. The majority of social norms, expectations, are usually pretty well set by then. The ‘gist’ of the roles in life, barring a truly awful early upbringing, would be pretty well known, thanks to normal roleplaying and such, even with imaginary friends.

    So: morality: culturally imbued? yes.

    BUT: I also believe there are genetic *tendencies* towards different moralities.

    There must be.

    Add into that: object permanence. You don’t kill _not_ because you fear punishment, but you enjoy the lie of object permanence. Peekaboo. You liked it (or the person) there and don’t want to see it gone. It can be entirely without social influence.

    The ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) is a part of…
  • Kenneth Udut Morality = fear of punishment? No. Lying is due to fear of punishment. Morality? Depends on the specifics. Morality is too broad of a category and needs to be properly segmented out for proper analysis.



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