INFP working on xxxx – recently tackled comprehension of INTJ from their POV. I think I got it now.

I’ve been working on my J side for a while, and I’m starting to comprehend J’s in general much better.

I tackled a few months in a few philosophy groups, to understand the INTJ, speak the language, truly comprehend the chess game they play.  I think I know enough now.

With a better comprehension of INTJ [the INTP was easy as I’m not so far off in the F/T scale but enough] – I’m starting to get a tiny window into INFJ better.

I had to go far to get closer to home, as it were.

I needed to understand the J to help improve my own.  My “P” is always extremely strong in me but it lacks the J;  All the questions, few conclusions.

So… now working on conclusions.  Still difficult but having experienced an extreme “Mastermind” type of goal/logic/fixed/stay-within-the-lines thinkng… VERY strategic view on humanity… and ultimately being able to speak and comprehend the unique language they express themselves in – and more importantly why –  I feel more well rounded and able to apply some of it to myself.

Fingers crossed.  I dove into an INFP group for a day or two elsewhere to remember what it was like at the beginning of my journey; the way they talk, so familiar and so easy to join in… and yet, I’m bolstered with a clarity of logic and thinking that I never had before in quite this way.  It’s envigorating really.

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