INFP test 1994 Kenneth Udut

This is related to my search for a career…

I took the Myer-Briggs personality test.  I used a 165 question test that
I downloaded from a local BBS.  (it was put together from a psychologist
guy in California a few years ago).

According to the results, I am an INFP – Introvert, iNtuition, Feeling,
Perceiving.  Suggested occupations were: Psychologist/counselor,
minister, or teacher – all jobs I’ve been thinking heavily of!

I checked out Music Therapy as a possibility.  No dice.  In other words –
I didn’t care much for it, really…  ’tis a shame – seems like a perfect
match, but it isn’t.

Are others familiar with the Myer-Briggs test?

Well, the Myer-Brigges personality test is a 165 question test filled
with simple questions like:

When you are at a party do you:
1) introduce other people
2) get introduced.

The results are set results, weighted by the answers that you gave.  The
administration of the questions and the grading of the test is done
entirely by the computer.

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