INFP. I could be INTP with just a slight tweak.


INFP. I could be INTP with just a slight tweak. First took it at 21/22 at a local college in NJ. 1993/1994. Immediately joined the INFP mailing list online and got to know hundreds then thousands of other INFPs.

I didn’t get as into it as many. I find personality sorters to be fun and inspirational, encouraging in the strong points while pointing out weak spots.

In the past… hm.. 1994 2004 2014 2018 – 24+ yrs, I’ve done various things to improve some E, some S, some T and some J.

The N/S is almost a barrier to me and probably always will be but the others weren’t as difficult and I still work on it now and again.

[by “I didn’t get as into it as many” I mean learning about shadow stuff, or specifics about times where you flip and how it works. I mean, I already knew that I might as well be ESTJ online because I find it easier to express those parts in this safe environment.

I just wouldn’t get as much into the lingo about it]


Really? I should go through the threads. I just posted my first thoughts. Cool! I’ve been doing conscious things to improve weak spots for 24 yrs now. For extroversion, for example, I made 15000 Vines. I got used to seeing and hearing myself and all the weird ways my facial muscles move. Now I can look people in the eyes a little more easily and with more confidence.

Stuff like that.



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