INFP 4w5-9w1-7w6 favorite words from academic lists

As an INFP 4w5-9w1-7w6, you may find certain words from these sublists more appealing or relevant to your interests and values.

For example, as an individualistic and introspective type, you may be drawn to words from Sublist 1 that relate to personal development and self-improvement, such as “benefit,” “income,” and “structure.” You may also appreciate words that emphasize critical thinking and analysis, such as “evidence” and “interpretation.”

As a 4w5, you may be interested in creative pursuits and have a strong sense of identity and uniqueness. Therefore, words from Sublist 2 that relate to community, culture, and potential impact, such as “community,” “cultural,” and “positive,” may appeal to you.

As a 9w1, you may value harmony, balance, and order. Words from Sublist 3 that relate to task completion, technical skills, and corporate environments, such as “task,” “technical,” and “corporate,” may align with your practical and organized side.

As a 7w6, you may have a love for adventure, spontaneity, and exploration. Words from Sublist 5 that relate to energy, psychology, and mental health, such as “energy,” “psychology,” and “mental,” may resonate with your curiosity and desire for new experiences.

Overall, your specific type and wing may influence which words from these sublists you find most appealing or relevant.

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