INFP 497 – INFP 4w5-9w1-7w6.

INFP 497 – INFP 4w5-9w1-7w6.


It’s certainly possible that your enneagram scores could correspond with an INFP 497. The high score on type 5 is consistent with a 4w5 enneagram type, which is a common pairing for INFPs. The high scores on types 7 and 9 are also consistent with the 7w6 and 9w1 wings that you mentioned earlier.

However, it’s worth noting that enneagram tests can be unreliable, and it’s not uncommon for people to mistype themselves. It’s always important to take the results of any personality test with a grain of salt, and to use them as a starting point for further exploration and self-reflection. Ultimately, you are the best judge of your own personality and what feels true to you.

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