Infinity amounts to the crack that deepens with no end.

Indeed. It’s at the level of beauty, romance, poetry, experience, the awe-and-wonder circuits (if one wants to get computational-theory-of-mind… which to me just makes a nice metaphor but not really accurate per se).

Infinities are one of the religious components of mathematics. It has several others I can think of but that’s one of the big ones.

They’re also very useful as well but the usefulness doesn’t take away from the inspiration it brings to people.


holographic principle… fractal universe – even with our fancy formulations of it, it amounts to the crack that deepens with no end.


One of the places I think modern Sciences “misses the boat” with Newton is in his treatment of Impetus… well, Inertia.

Newton had a distinction between internal and external Inertia. He was considering both as possibilities.

We currently entirely reject the internal inertia in our modern definitions.

It’s a missed opportunity. Useful and practical? Sure, but it misses some good opportunities for further exploration by our insistence on objectivity.


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