Inference is following projected paths that may or may not exist in reality.

William Heidbreder Well, that’s why I took his stead. My thinking process and Millard J Melnyk ‘s are similar enough that I knew I could stand in his place while also arguing from my own perspective. I knew I’d be representative enough of his position as it is similar to my own position.

That doesn’t make Kenneth / Millard right or William wrong. I just knew I fit a similar template as Millard..

Mind-reading is impossible.
Inference is following projected paths that may or may not exist in reality.
It doesn’t make it invalid but it needs to be tempered.

Extremes, my friend, you keep going to them.
Strip out the If’s and the Only’s and come back to this planet.
You have a good system that you use. Don’t muck it up by getting entirely wrapped up in it.

*sigh* Thought processes are what CAME UP WITH the concepts of relationships, entailment, propositions.

Again. it’s a good system and it works for many things but it doesn’t work for everything.

Your intellectual pursuit is noble and an honorable one. I have the highest respect for it, and am proud as a fellow human would be of any other successful human, that you are involved in publishing and have found great success with your methodologies, both intellectually and professionally.

I’m just asking you to sit down at the bar and grab a beer and eat some peanuts for a few minutes. You’re a real person. I’m a real person, both on the Internet using words to describe our thought processes.

I’m sure they are shared within your community. All the women in the book club agree with your assessment and that’s marvelous. I’m not denying its a force of merit.

Cognitive processes do *indeed*, however, have merit with regard
s to mathematics and the conceptualizations thereof.

It doesn’t invalidate mathematics but it is an enrichment of the understanding *and the inherent flaws* upon a two dimensional axiom/proof system.

Why else do we run into “paradoxes”? They’re places where the logic is broken. That does not make logic invalid, it just means it does not have universal applicability.

You can call me American. That is true. You can call me anti-intellectual. That is false.
You can call me not buying what you’re selling? That is true.

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