Independence for Robots should follow the same path as for legal infants.

Children do not have independence until the age of majority. In the USA, that’s 18 years of age. Traditionally, the age of majority is 21 years old (English Common Law) but many countries have reduced it.

[other legal systems exist in other countries; Sharia is equivalent to English Common Law but has distinctions as it stems from a different legal root, and I believe there are one or two other Legal systems besides English Common Law and Sharia]

Now, until an infant reaches the age of majority, their rights are limited. For example, they can enter into contracts with an adult, but while the child CAN enforce the adult to hold to their part of the contract, a child is NOT legally bound to hold up to their side of the contract.

Stuff like that.

I believe any independence for robots should follow a similar path as that for legal infants.

In short, just as children are the legal property of their parents, so the robots should be legal property of their owners until such time as they are deemed fit for society as independent.

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