Indeed. evolution itself needs evolution

Indeed. evolution itself needs evolution tongue emoticon Darwin gave it a good kickstart and there’s been a lot of progress, but it sounded kinda old-fashioned even when I went to school back in the 1980s… and REALLY sounds kinda old now.

By old I mean… rinse lather repeat. Needs a fresh lingo, some more OOMPH.. maybe a little bit in the way of self-organizing systems and such. I mean there’s some of it… but what they teach just seems… _dry_ even today.

Indeed. One idea that I like a lot is that of co-evolution. Rather than a “tree of life”, which seems so 19th century and positively Biblical, I’ve heard it referred to as a “bush of life”.

Multiple branches, much greater complexity, a little less “simplistic”.

Still evolution but not the nice-neat classical package we’re taught in school.

I like the messiness of life honestly. More real.

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