^In your hand, you have a^

^In your hand, you have a branch. It's three feet long, two inches wide. But is it green and freshly cut or is it rotting away?

-Kenneth Udut, age 14/15, on a school paper I wrote on Black Holes

[Ken, age 42: "When" makes a difference. Who, What, Where, How, and Why are all great questions but perhaps the one of most importance is: When. Time moves forward in our 3D life, but it can move backwards, sideways, jump around, even turn inside-out in our minds. If something in the past is bothering you, let it go. YOU are keeping it alive. Use your mind to keep good things alive as long as you can: happy memories, the personalities of loved ones who you can't see anymore for whatever reason. But let the bad things go. They're just rotting you away inside. Use your imagination to graft yourself back onto a living tree instead, or turn yourself into a pumpkin if you like. It's your mind].^

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