In your darkest moments, you may ask yourself, “Am I normal?” The answer is:

In your darkest moments, you may ask yourself, “Am I normal?” The answer is: “Yes. i am normal for me.” Then you may ask, “But am I normal compared to everyone else?” The answer is: “It depends who i compare myself to.”



well, can you define yourself by who you’re not? of course, you could always say, “I defy definition”, but then you will have defined yourself as someone who strikes defiently against being defined… hmm..


I mean, in general, I believe that comparisons are silly because everybody’s “norm” is set differently – all the dials and switches have to be ‘just so’ within a person or at least within a certain range and they have to match with another person’s dials and switches. But I think that to ‘click’ with someone doesn’t require all the parameters to be the same – but rather, to have the agreement of “I will understand what you are saying and you will understand what I’m saying and we will each feel the other is walking a similar path” and the interplay in a conversation or activity — that’s all it takes to be normal within a particular group, so really, comparisons aren’t ever necessary – and comparisons really aren’t possible, except for the simplest of comparisons.


I guess for a relationship to work – friendship, comradery, partnership, there has to be a few but important few things in common. to be willing to tolerate and “let go” other ppls imperfections, respecting differerences – even celebrating differences. Open to communication is a big one, willingness to show silliness and be fun. Be serious when serious is required, be fun when it’s fun time. Expect only a few important things that are completely understood by every member of the ground and ‘buying in” to those few common things — I think that helps tremendously in people getting along.



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