In this environment, with a little tinnitus my only companion with the sound of my keyboard clacking, I type. 

I would say that homework right now is ritual for me. Having been out of school for so long; decades; doing homework takes a different kind of dedication than work activities or home activities.

I wait until everybody goes to sleep and I am at the computer on the back lanai. It is in a screenroom with screens on three sides and a roof with nearly full access to weather.

Being surrounded by trees is always important to me and in this environment, even though it is dark right now, I know the trees are there and they are full of animals and life doing what they do.

In this environment, with a little tinnitus my only companion with the sound of my keyboard clacking, I type.

I dress in a manner that respects the outdoor weather; if it demands me to be warm, I dress warmly. If it demands me to sweat, I use less clothes and a box fan.

And really, this describes my online time, not just homework as this is similar to how I use the computer anyhow. But with homework it’s different in that I need the quietest of quiet, to be relaxed and able to think clearly and not run on automatic, which i often do when on the computer.


Internet culture often has many dark rituals, form of hazing that many boys and girls go through. Children often get online around the age of 6-8 years old, at least in the last 15 years or so and over time internet culture has developed certain patterns, one of which is talked about by older – likely men in their 20s-40s – online netizens in the meme world as rites of passage.

Exposure to such dark things starting with scary fake videos and upgrading to such things as decapitations, murders, vile acts committed upon other human beings, passed around by whatever the app of the day is. 12 years ago it might have been Kik or 4chan, and now perhaps Discord, Telegram or Snapchat.

It can be a dark period of time; I’ve seen several nieces and nes having to go through this process – with limited things I could do being only an uncle without much say and so I would try to put it into contexts best I could.

It is likely a kind of desensitization to violence; supposed to be a kind of “toughening up” according to those dark souls who advocate this kind of thing.

For those who advocate it is a transition from childhood into a kind of nihilism and sometimes indoctrination into some kind of group that’s supposed to be hated or at the very least belittled.

I don’t agree with these rituals but I know they’re common enough with no end in sight to recognize that they’ll keep happening.

The Last Supper would be a good example of a myth. The mythical retelling of the story of the last time Jesus broke bread with his disciples, where Jesus took break, blessed it, broke it and said “This is my body, broken for you. Do this in remembrance of me”  has been re-enacted untold times in Christian churches and this myth forms the basis of this Eucharist ritual whereby believers are either eating and drinking the actual body and blood of Christ in their belief system, or are participating symbolically in what  actually considered a single event in all of history; participation in the actual single Last Supper, splintered across time at each Eucharist performed; that is to say, within the Christian religion, there is but one Eucharist, one Last Supper, and Time itself ceases as all share in a single moment across time and space. That is the belief.

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