In the end, they just found YET ANOTHER WAY to make school suck.

ah yeah, they’re doing things by 5s and 10s. yet another experiment in math education. If you read the common core stuff, they don’t bring the kids back to the math *we know* until about the end of the 8th grade. All the confusion is supposed to restructure the brain or something and teach “Grit” by making things slow and difficult on purpose. It’s all because of a pop psych book on Grit that got popular a few years ago in education circles and became “A Thing”.

It won’t last more than a few years I bet; most of these experiments don’t last more than a few years. When my nieces were in grade school here in FL, it was “leafs + nodes” – some abstract university level concept that was impossible to find info on the internet about. afaik, they’ve scrapped it since then.

By the time Sylvian Learning Centers has shortcuts to teach kids this stuff – just like they had shortcuts to teach kids our kind of math, they’ll scrap it for something else and meanwhile, yet ANOTHER GENERATION of kids will grow up thinking “they don’t know math”. Ugh. Yeah, I could rant about this for days.

In the end, they just found YET ANOTHER WAY to make school suck.

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