In the days gone by, Eldrian spoke softly…

In the days gone by, Eldrian spoke softly.  he did not confront others, as did his compatriots.  Instead, he attempted to understand the other people’s positions on things, and attempted to reconcile them with his own, absorbing those which coincided with his own belief structure, and rejecting those that were outside of his realm, or which were in the undesirable part of his character.


Finally, one day, he had enough. He flipped out, tired of hearing other people’s laments and woes, and stood for himself.  Nobody was standing for him.  He was tired of cleaning up after other people’s messes, and decided to make a mess of his own.


But it didn’t work out the way he planned.  Instead of everybody rejecting him, they embraced the new Eldrian.  In fact, it was nothing new to them.  They had already known that this was Eldrian’s way.  he was simply not aware of it himself.


Once awareness comes, all manner of doors open up, and passageways to travel through.


That’s when life takes the surprising turn.

And the adventure continues.
Oct 10, 2002. Kenneth Udut

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