In the 1840s there were a whole BUNCH of new religions that were born practically out of nothing

In the 1840s there were a whole BUNCH of new religions that were born practically out of nothing. I always wondered what exactly was it that caused such a burst. Mormonism, Baha’i are the two that come to mind, but I know there were a bunch.

It was an interesting time too as the sciences were strong and something you might be surprised to learn is that even the _evangelicals_ at the time were generally accepting of the sciences. Only a few marginal radicals rejected the sciences.

“The effect of these discoveries on faith has, however, been oft-exaggerated. Clerical geologists were quite able to find ways to reinterpret Genesis in the light of their discoveries, with no harm done to their faith. Even the majority of evangelicals were, by the 1840s, willing to accept non-literal interpretations of Genesis which could be fitted with the latest accepted discoveries in geology or astronomy. The few people who stressed the threat to faith of these discoveries tended to be the working-class radicals, while the extreme evangelicals who promoted Scriptural Geology to retain a literal reading of Genesis were an equally vocal minority.

The reaction to Darwin’s Origin of the Species (1859) should also be seen in this light: while some people played up its radicalism, others were quite able to fit it into their religious worldview. It depended as much on the reader’s existing beliefs and agenda as on anything intrinsic to the work itself.”


Interesting trivia:
Logos, translated as “Word” in English, is nearly an identical concept as Tao is from the East.

The concepts were born in the same generation, in two different parts of the world around the same time.



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