In some families, family is everything.

In some families, family is everything. Chinese culture, Japanese culture, many European countries, Middle East, some parts of the USA (far up North and south, even when politically opposite in other ways)…

…and I think that’s where her thing stems from more than any kind of religious thing.

You see it in republican families, democratic families, rich families, poor families. It’s not that uncommon.


Yeah, my mother is and grandmother was very independent minded. Individualists. No real forcing of anything, just practical advice mostly.

But yeah, I’ve tried to understand the “hold” of ‘family’ for a long time. I think I kinda understand it better now. My in-laws are like that. They live here, so I got to see it first hand every day for 14 years and while it’s a weird and foreign concept to me, I think I understand it better. They get wrapped up in each other’s lives very intimately. I would find that invasive but to them, it’s family support. To each their own I suppose.



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