In short, you’re not a philosophy n00b.

Well, I have to say this in your defense – you stick to your guns and a part of me admires that greatly.
As a self-proclaimed rationalist, you have not fallen into the Ayn Rand trap, nor have you fallen into the abbreviated history-of-the-world that goes along with it, or one where Logic-Alone-Prevails.

In short, you’re not a philosophy n00b.

I _do_ believe you’re firmly within a particular tradition but you are aware of the color of glasses you wear at the same time, which is also nice to see, and a departure from the typical automated-response mechanism I sometimes find from people who consider themselves Rationalists online.

Honestly, I had expected this after a while – but this doesn’t seem to be your control panel at all, and if I had seen you as one-of-the stereotypes as illustrated in this comic, then I apologize.

However, to me, a rational discussion is quick on listening, and slow on final judgement, as a single additional fact could easily turn the tables but won’t be heard if emotional mechanisms are at play.

[what made me initially think this was your control panel, is by calling your opponent “New Ager” or Liberal was, to me, analogous to pressing the “Call Him A Faggot” button, with somewhat more flowery language. I may have been mistaken, which is why I’m presenting this now. Full disclosure of my assumptions]

[Had I made this comic however, I would have had the “FALLACY” button as prominent tongue emoticon ]

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