In school and church I was always put up on stage

No problem man smile emoticon In school and church I was always put up on stage. I knew my parts, whether it was playing the piano for the performance or acting or singing or whatever. [I played Matthew in a few passion plays as a teenager, and once I was stuck up on a cross as one of the Criminals because I had long hair when they decided to do the Easter Sunday as well]

I always loved and hated being on stage at the same time. One of the older church ladies was in NYC theatre when she was in her 20s and told me the banana trick when she was fitting me for my costume and I was complaining about nerves.

Another trick is magnesium, b12 and zinc, all vitamins that stress uses up in us really fast. I use that for dental visits.

I don’t know why the banana trick works though but it does.

Best of luck in your future performances smile emoticon

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