IN ORDER: Searches and pages from unclosed tabs June 15, 2021 – July 2nd, 2021.

IN ORDER: Searches and pages from unclosed tabs June 15, 2021 – July 2nd, 2021. From July 2-Aug 5 I spent confirming beyond a doubt what came from prematurity / preterm birth. It was worth it but what a long month.
Now I can get back to where I was at before and continue.
anterior hippocampus gist
Details, gist and schema: hippocampal–neocortical interactions underlying recent and remote episodic and spatial memory
Savant Skills, Special Skills, and Intelligence Vary Widely in Autism
When Music and Long-Term Memory Interact: Effects of Musical Expertise on Functional and Structural Plasticity in the Hippocampus
“Familiarity or recollection?”
Neural correlates of recollection and familiarity: A review of neuroimaging and patient data
Anterior hippocampus: the anatomy of perception, imagination and episodic memory
A core network for recall and imagination
hippocampus development prenatal
denate gyrus hippocampus
CA3 subregion
Olfactory bulb
external tufted cells
Top-down inputs drive neuronal network rewiring and context-enhanced sensory processing in olfaction
Scent classification
Scent classification by the Chinese
Hippocampus proper
Olfactory and other sensory impairments in Alzheimer disease
olfactory entorhinal cortex
Gist perception in adolescents with and without ASD: Ultra-rapid categorization of meaningful real-life scenes
Perceptual category learning in autism spectrum disorder: Truth and consequences
When the world becomes ‘too real’: A Bayesian explanation of autistic perception.
How the deaf-blind categorize objects
Functional Preference for Object Sounds and Voices in the Brain of Early Blind and Sighted Individuals
occipital cortex categorization blind people
occipital cortex categorization autism
Genetics of structural and functional brain changes in autism spectrum disorder
Olfaction in the autism spectrum
thalamic relay autism
i smell the environment for clues
overactive amygdala
Neural circuits in anxiety and stress disorders: a focused review
Twin studies in generalized anxiety disorder
hippocampus activation in autism
Reward Circuitry Function in Autism During Face Anticipation and Outcomes
posterior cingulate cortex
low theta hippocampus
hippocampus and mPFC coherence autism
I have trouble focusing on reading.
Understanding specific reading comprehension deficit: A review
Not all reading disabilities are dyslexia: Distinct neurobiology of specific comprehension deficits.
To get hold of the wrong end of the stick: reasons for poor idiom understanding in children with reading comprehension difficulties.
Chunking (psychology)
Neale reading comprehension
“poor comprehension” inference
doorway effect hippocampus
inference in the brain
Interoceptive inference: homeostasis and decision-making
Theory of Mind disruption and recruitment of the right hemisphere during narrative comprehension in autism
Inference machine broken.
premature birth
preterm inference comprehension
Low ca1 volume comprehension
Human Hippocampal CA1 Involvement during Allocentric Encoding of Spatial Information
Insight reconfigures hippocampal-prefrontal memories
essential inference
central idea deficiency
“main idea” cognitive science
Is it Time to Drop ‘Finding the Main Idea’ and Teach Reading in a New Way?
Discourse Comprehension – Situation Model Construction
autism, adhd, anxiety, very preterm, hippocampus, inference
Psychiatric and neurocognitive profile of adults born very preterm
brain chemicals involved in adhd autism anxiety
Personality Type
Trait Theory
Mental state
Collective_mental_state – Instances_of_collective_mental_states
Cultural schema theory
Framing (social sciences)
Schemata vs ontology
Conceptual schema
can you build an ontology out of properties?
Ontology components
quine classes and objects
concept of class (philosophy)
ontology alignment
Schema crosswalk
Ontologies across disciplines
chemotaxis and thermotaxis
learning in nematode
nematode learning chemotaxis
Returned to standardized achievement tests in 3rd grade
3. Make inferences about causes (Why did — feel sad?) It’s one question I simply can’t answer the way they want because anything’s possible.
cognitive difficulty word problems
Effective Word-Problem Instruction: Using Schemas to Facilitate Mathematical Reasoning
difficulty connecting symbols to objects
Causal inference
Malpractice in causal inference
gravitate towards leadership positions as a child
Teacher’s pet personality
Abstract object theory
Object of the mind
Nonexistent Objects
Meinongian objects
The dual copula strategy
Franz Brentano
Alfred Tarski
Monadic Bounded Algebras
Edmund Husserl, Alexius Meinong, Christian von Ehrenfels, Kasimir Twardowski, Carl Stumpf, and Anton Marty
Franz Brentano: He introduced the notion of intentionality to contemporary philosophy and psychology.
Edmund Husserl
Theory of intentionality
Automating Leibniz’s Theory of Concepts
A concept is a theory constructed of properties about an object which forms its identity when an abstract object which we can refer to as its “encoding”
Abstract particulars
Trope, states, affairs, particulars
Nuclear Bundles of Tropes and Ontological Dependence
thin particulars
substance and universal in chinese
aristotle vs chinese philosophy
equivalent concepts in western and eastern philosophy
same concepts in indian and european philosophy
Parallels and Contrasts in Indian and Western Philosophy
inability to see oneself due to overactive imagination
The Role of Imagination in Children With Anxiety
Introspection, intuition, noetic, emanation
Although transcendence is defined as the opposite of immanence, the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
Transcendence (philosophy)
weak panenthesism
palamite panentheism
SCOP formalism
panentheism is against supernatural
Children do not exhibit ambiguity aversion despite intact familiarity bias
Tolerance of Ambiguity: A Trait of the Creative Personality?
agnosticism and panentheism
theory of evolution and religion buddhism hindu christian
universals are an index or database of patterns. patterns are repeated things. you need memory to recall patterns. there is no pattern without memory. so: a database.
platonic realm is a database
Epistemological essentialism
alternative to foundationalism
mathematics based upon evolutionary theory
evolutionary landscape
so where do the sensory organs convert to impulses
somatic nervous system
Stimulus modality
modeling human senses
short term memory model
Atkinson–Shiffrin memory model
all modes of sensory-memory
figure-ground sensory perception auditory
Auditory Figure-Ground Segregation Is Impaired by High Visual Load
The difference between foreground and background is intent, otherwise they are one.
Processing fluency theory of aesthetic pleasure
Boundaries of the mind
for me computers are great because i can switch from one thing to another to another to another
Brain Bases for Auditory Stimulus-Driven Figure–Ground Segregation
Early and long-term outcome of infants born extremely preterm
Socio-Emotional Development Following Very Preterm Birth: Pathways to Psychopathology
Brain Correlates of Socio-Emotional and Mental Health Problems
Outcomes in young adulthood for very-low-birth-weight infants
anxious and inattentive.
“The preterm behavioral phenotype has been described as anxious and inattentive, rather than hyperactive or disruptive, which may also mean that their cognitive difficulties may not be as readily visible in a classroom setting”
Then I spent a WHOLE MONTH confirming the preterm thing from July 2, 2021 – August 5, 2021.
I can finally come up for air.
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