in my every action, word and good thought I have is knitting my immortality as I go through the course of daily living.

I think the goals of transhumanism are admirable and I support their efforts 100%. If someone wants to live forever and finds a way, I say “Go right ahead!”. I wouldn’t mind it myself. I don’t _plan_ on physical immortality; I figure 84-88 years old is reasonable considering my life habits and what I know of my genetics. Might be sooner, might be later.

But I see it this way: KENNETH UDUT: BORN 1972 – DIED ????

I couldn’t help the 1972. I won’t likely be aware enough to know for certain what numbers the ???? turns into.

But I know ONE THING for certain.

I’m the -

Doesn’t matter what point in the – I’m at. I’m the – itself.

Maybe transhumanism will be successful and the ???? will remain ???? for an unbelievable span of time.

What I _do_ count on though, is immortality through the effects I have on other people. A kind word or deed that moves the machineries in another person a little bit, changing the levers in their state system just a little.. and in that new state they see the world a little differently and make it a little bit better where they go.

They may forget my name. They might not even KNOW my name. Doesn’t matter _I_ know I made a difference. Millions and millions and millions of little differences that can lead to amazingly powerful effects that spread throughout the Earth in some fashion, however large or small.

The effects continue on to affect others, whether I’m physically here, physically not here; doesn’t really much matter, for in my every action, word and good thought I have is knitting my immortality as I go through the course of daily living.

No grand spectacle. There’s no conference needed. No documentaries made. No books written. Yet its’ all very real just the same.

I’m participating in the Systems of existence such as they are. It is within these very Systems that immortality is achieved.

Can there be more than that? Different forms of immortality? Sure. But since I don’t know fully WHAT my consciousness is enough to know whether it can continue on for eternity or if it really even exists as an object in the first place – I choose (yes, choose, because there’s still a ‘me’ here to choose – the subjective is still real) SOME path to immortality that I can do something about in the here and now.

Of course, here isn’t really here, and now already passed by the time I typed the word now… and certainly by the time you read this, which will be a different now… but such is Time. Its also part of the same “now” in a thread that connects Time in ways that led Plato to believe in an eternal realm of perfected forms. I don’t believe in a realm of perfected forms, whether mathematics or heaven… but I _do_ believe that Time is a more fascinating and complicated thing than clocks say.

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