In life, sometimes someone

In life, sometimes someone will try to make you look bad to make someone else look better. You see this in politics ”mudslinging”, middle school and among salespeople and secretaries in business environments, in churches, even among competing scientists in scientific journals, desperate housewives and in villages around the world.

But here’s the thing: It only serves to convince the already convinced.

It gives the false appearance of effectiveness, but when the numbers are compared scientifically, they’re literally ”preaching to the choir”; the same people think the same as they thought before – they just get a few more piles of mud to throw at the person they already didn’t like.

Humans are silly creatures. But politics are in every field where you have people. Whether you choose to play the game or not, is up to the individual. Having been pushed into a forced fist fight in middle once, I held my ground to protect myself but when it was all over, all the people cheering ”Kenny” and all the people cheering ”Adam” (my forced opponent), didn’t matter to me. I felt bad I had to make his nose bleed and he got suspended for three days, and he felt bad for having to fight me. The band of people who followed me for weeks afterwards were like a bunch of idiots to me – congratulating me for a victory in a war I never wanted to fight in the first place. Adam had people declaring his victory to him. He didn’t care about them either.

Politics is a ridiculous human activity. Play it if you like, but never forget, it’s just a game.

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