In lieu of acceptance, there’s life mission.

There’s limits to our abilities to control our reality.

Now, if I was an engineer never ceased being mad at my inability to breath underwater, I might invent an apparatus to allow me to do so.

So the anger _can_ serve a purpose when it is directed properly.

Angry at the hurricane? Study the weather and help other people defeat the hurricane’s power by helping them avoid it.

So, there are things you can do.

Angry about death? Work on telomeres or nutrients, breathing exercises.

Some things you can do.

Always getting people to do what you want when you want them to do it? 

Always anticipating everything before it happens? [perfect prediction, perfect Scientist] 

Always saying the right words at the right times to the right people in the right ways? [perfect writer / speaker / friend / politician]

But maybe sometimes you can hold your breath underwater just long enough to feel as if you’re defeated the water… just for a moment.


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