in human amounts, alcohol is a cleaning fluid.

in human amounts, alcohol is a cleaning fluid. You know the way rubbing alcohol can get a gummy sticker off of a windshield? Well, alcohol does that in your bran and in your blood and organs.

This is great! Sticky stuff accumulated, and the alcohol cleans it out.


The molecules being so small start to squish out EVERYWHERE when there’s excess and then system processes start to falter.

The liver filtration system is inadequate for massive amounts and the over-scrubbed brain takes it toll, usually the next day.

I never liked black-out spinning drunk. Did that a few times: I know which ones do it and how much.

But when I drink, I know when I get that ‘feeling’ where my tongue loosens up and I don’t give a shit for a while. That’s when I start on water and other stuff. I’ll take a boost later on but as I don’t like the feeling of my feet flipping over my head when I hit the pillow, I keep it at “Hey look I can dance now!” level but nothing higher.

That being said, I don’t drink much.  I’m hooked on coffee instead.

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