In defense of Awesome – the word.

The use of the word Awesome is a relative term. I happen to like people. I look for something within people that is spectacular, hidden beneath the surface. That “something” – I don’t have a name for it really – is *awesome* to me. I’ve seen lunar eclipses and blood moons and been struck with awe.

I’ve also seen a glint of something amazing inside of another person, beyond the words they use, the way they carry themselves, their appearance… and it is what I would qualify as Awesome.

I also have a psychological interest. You may have more of a cultural interest or a scientific interest. They may provide you with the Awe you like. I find my Awe in other ways.

I’ve equally seen a something “awful” as well. Those things about a person are far less interesting to me though. Awesome is a value judgement, nothing more. The relationship between Awesome/Awful is no coincidence; they both exist in the “uncanny valley” as it were.

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