In any case, the polar opposite of “seem” is “be real”.

In any case, the polar opposite of “seem” is “be real”.


At which point does a “seems” turn into an “is”


I’m more of a rational than emotional person, but I’ll apologize for bothering you as that’s what’s expected in these social circumstances.


Your alturism is appreciated but unnecessary.

 Passion. Mission. Life goals. Activism. All have their place in society.
  World of inferences is vast and fictional. World of reals is small and real.How close much a fiction seem real to be actually real?
  seems is the land of maybes, possiblies, apparently’s and dreams. Be real is the land of actual, is, etc.While I think the dichotomy places all of it into the land of “seems with greater and greater feeling of certainties”, I acknowledge a possibility of there being a “be real” category, rendering a legitimate dichotomy.

  Our access to the real however, if it is limited necessarily to our biological (including intellectual) to the point where “what is really real is out of reach for us”, that renders the real-as-fictional and all there is as “seems”.

I enjoy these fuzzy lines.

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