In any case, I know people f

In any case, I know people from a lot of other countries and covid really wrecked populations.
I’m from New Jersey – it got smashed. I’m in Florida, it got smashed. I know folks in Pakistan and India – holy crap did they get it bad.
The anti-masking where I live was SO damn ridiculous. we had this local dude, Alf ie Oakes, runs a decent local supermarket he inherited from his dad; got SUPER COCKY when he won the food supply grant under Trump’s admin to handle prisons and the local schools for two years.
Decided to play politics. Did well locally with people; charming, well loved, watched some family even fall into his spell and swoon. Sent a dozen buses up to January 6th, including a few folks that are spending years in Federal prison now.
He tried running for office but the Florida Republican party gave him a no-pay position as a pat on the head for his free publicity.
He led a huge anti-mask movement here. It was absolutely ridiculous and silly the whole time. Staging events at the school board meetings, bothering normal people. Ridiculous era.

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