”In a single moment, a man

”In a single moment, a man sent a single thought to the beginning of this universe to create this universe and post this Vine. ”

(No. I didn’t. I just woke up when I made that Vine (short video) And I thought,

what if?

I hope nobody takes this seriously. I am not God or a god. This is just one of those odd passing thoughts That happen sometimes. Although, for those who are believers, way in the beginning of Genesis it does say ”you are like gods ” So, I don’t feel that Im being blasphemous for having that thought. I think it is a strangely normal thought of a type that we all have at some point in our lives. :)

What if’s are quite powerful.

They can create entire universes right in our minds.

What is amazing is that each of our minds is perfectly capable of containing the entire universe and all of the knowledge of it.

There is plenty of room.

Even for an infinity of universes to be inside of a single human brain.

Such is the power of #imagination

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