In 2011 I first saw Minecraft and said, “no no, don’t go there”

Second Life is a virtual world I’ve successfully avoided for many many years now because of its addictive potential in me. I find myself avoiding virtual environments more often than participating in them because I know the draw they have.

In 2011 I first saw Minecraft and said, “no no, don’t go there”. But a year later my then 7 yr old nephew expressed interest in Minecraft + a server. So, I dove in. Bought both of us Minecraft, set up a server. Ended up developing an extensive online community, websites, user groups… in the end 27,000 unique visitors before closing it in Sept 2014 as it was killing my computer and all my free time.

I still go into Minecraft on occasion. I use it as a 3D painter mostly, although I’ve done little side projects using Python or WorldEdit and my nephew, now 11, has been doing some Minecraft programming + scripting himself, which I’m proud of.

Yeah, I know even now if I got into second life, I’d get sucked in like I did Minecraft. I try to be careful about such things


Some of the users begged for special powers. I wanted to keep it free but I figured I’d try my hand at some commerce. As at least 1/2 of the regular users were probably NOT of age to have credit cards, I didn’t want to make it excessive but I was willing to try it.

I was surprised how willing ppl were to pay. Here I’m thinking, “my laggy server on my crappy laptop running off Wifi and DSL” but to them it was their world that they created.

Still feel bad shutting it down. They still contact me, finding me on various places. I come up with some excuse of ‘someday” – kinda lame of me but maybe I will one day… but man, it REALLY sucked up a lot of my time. I loved it but it’s a time suck.



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