In 1994? I was predicting netflix by a few years and the magic of being online

What was I doing on #420 … 1994?  Oh, just predicting #Netflix  _years before they were even FOUNDED_ – (see the VCR comment and analogize) and talking about the #magic  of being online.  The “liveness” of the ‘net.  By then it should’ve been old news to me – I’d already been online for six years as much as I could get away with… and now, 21 years later after this 4/20 post –  the magic is here for me.. the magic of connecting with people whose hands I will never shake yet who I feel as if I know better than I know my next door neighbor and I probably do, and they (or you rather) know me.

—- 4/20/1994 —
I agree with the concept of hanging out in a place, virtual as it may be. Certainly, it’s more efficient to download everything in one burst, and then scan through at your leisure.

But that would be like Cable companies downloading all of the programs in a given day to your VCR tapes, and then allowing you to sort through and get what you wanted there.

Sure – it’s more efficient, but it’s a lot less fun.  It would turn BBSing into a CHORE rather than… “cool- I’m talking to another computer right now!”.

Offline messaging is a great idea.  And for those that want to do everything at once then do it locally at their leasure, there are facilities for that purpose.  But overall… simply having a dumb terminal hooked up to a smarter computer is the best feeling on earth.

[via alt.bbs.offline-reader]

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