Implies validity of prior ownership

Implies validity of prior ownership

I’m asking the relevance. I feel as if you’re going to make an inexact, inappropriate implication that it is somehow connected to “taxation is theft”.

Explain the connection then I’ll consider answering.

Human conversation is not interrogation. I have human conversations.

:: looks for printing press ::

Print your own money and it’s yours. You didn’t print it, who did?


Did you believe your paycheck is objectively “yours”? lol

Was never your money in the first place.

It’s “yours” – in scare quotes – as a kindness by the issuer of the currency. If you’re lucky, maybe it has some tenuous legal backing for your ‘rights’.

You can fight it all you like. I’d like no taxes, sure. But we got libertarian-ish streets here that own their own thing and well, sux for them when there’s flooding.

America is an Oligarchy.


Did you know if you repeat yourself and get the same result it’s considered a form of insanity?

American is objectively run and owned by the rich and has been for a long time — even more now.

The common copypasta isn’t useful. Your words plz.

Yes and that’s where the US is and has been. But it’s not taxation that’s the issue.

Can’t answer. Don’t know who “you” are.

If we’re on a boat, are you a Captain? Or fellow passenger? The difference changes the answer.

Not enough information. I know who I am. I don’t know Joseph;s role in this play.

Not pedantic. You’re trying to glide past the crux of the problem with your upcoming analogy.


“I’m going to equate a government with a PERSON and EVERYBODY will believe me!”


Next thing Joe will say corporations are people too.

“Need Joseph”. “Joseph machine broke.” “Understandable. Have a nice day”.

It’s a standard ploy to try to put others on defense by always playing offense and never directly responding. Sad really. Waste of potential.

I suppose a broken record is right twice a day.


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