Impetus – I need to use boxes and arrows to rewrite this

Impetus. One of my #1 subjects. Born with cerebral palsy, physical therapy for touch and feel, sight and sound, zero signs left by Kindergarten. May have been a misdiagnosis, but when they stuck me on the ball, I rolled forward and didn’t stop myself – just looked on with wonder as the ground got bigger and bigger. The sudden stop was a surprise.

My impetus is primarily subjective, resulting in attempting to translate the world’s preference for objectivity (outer affecting inner – even so much to the point of otherwise brilliant scientists attempting to declare “No free will!”. aoidsfiaodjfs compute that Chomsky.) to subjectivity and then back out again. It usually takes a _lot of words_ for me to express things but occasional I allow myself the luxury of compressing into poetic ‘gists’ like right now.

So, the source of impetus? Lifetime study for me. External and Internal. Both and neither objective and subjective… more akin to systems thinking (although not quite holographic, while speaking nicely of the compression algorithms, misses out on the simultaneous interactions afforded by systems thinking)

What’s annoying about my brain and impatience is there’s a book right there. A whole big long wordy book on the nature of impetus, the experiential nature of existence affecting our collective societal sense of objectivity… and the forces destructive to creativity and individually moved impetus…. [inspired by the external but once the little machines are working within the brain, external influence isn’t required for output]… but… I’m too lazy.

I should do more boxes and arrows. They’re a better form of expression for connecting seemingly disjointed (but related) concepts than linear sentences with lots of parenthesis and run-on sentences and fragments of thought. Hm.

[apologies for the maze up there. I like taking people down paths to unexpected places rather than places they’ve been before. Think Willy Wonka original movie and the little boat going through the colorful cave and everything spinning. It’s a weird ride but to those that make it, it’s worth the “oh! I WOW! I get you – hey this is cool”.

I don’t like traveling over well-worn paths.. unless they’re my own

I’ll talk like you guys again now. Sorry for the confusion Original thought is an annoying thing to witness. [it’s probably not original at all, just feels that way to me] Looks like word-salad to most people and needs to be translated into more edible forms.

Also, I’m a bit of a contrarian. Whenever I start to feel understood, I take things a step further to see who follows. Brian Hobbs you got me to the level of “I’ll express every simultaneous thought in a compressed form as quickly as possible (so not to lose any)” – which is rare. Also 9 year old ne is coming home and will want me to play Minecraft with him, so I had no time to spread out the thoughts more. Good kid but hangs on a bit sometimes. Anyway, thanks for the distraction from dull day-work. Nice to work from home though – highly recommended.

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