IMAPsize – highly recommended.

I’m giving my neglected gmail a treat today
For Windows users: Highly recommended. IMAPSize lets you do things to your IMAP email (like #Gmail ) – like back it up to your local computer, find large attachments that might be slowing down your gmail retrieval, etc.  While you can read emails with it (I think), it’s strengths are that it handles all the maintenance tasks that one might imagine and even some things you might not.

I’ve been on Gmail from the Beta days and always wanted to be able to back it up.  I’ve done some manual cleanups but really, what I wanted is to back it up into standard text files (.eml or .mbox) really easily just in case Gmail one day decides to go away.  [because Google does have a bad habit of taking away services it gets bored with) and with many years worth of stuff shoved in there, it’ll be nice to have a local copy.

Anyway, it’s a tool that’s good for what it’s good for and it’s handling my overly huge gmail without any trouble.  Oh and it’s freeware and lots of reputable recommendations.  Similar tools exist for linux and I was jealous but then I found this.

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