imagination is physically faster

And imagination can work at a faster rate than “meat-time” because the matter that has to move around up there is pretty lightweight and fast (that needs to move around up there in our little 3 lb ball of fat sitting on top of our necks, in a protective, yet not candy-coated shell).

The senses, to me, while necessary to give us the prejudices needed to construct a version of reality internally, also can serve to slow things down quite a bit.  We can imagine all of the pieces and how they come together.. but then we have to push our lumbering muscles into play; and our hands and feet and mouths and bodies are constantly fighting against gravity and our environments in general (not just physical but social, etc)

But I’m biased; I tend towards an embodied cognition view of things.  Not entirely (not quite as extreme as Lakoff but close) but in that general way of thinking.

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