ImageJ – why do I use it? I look for free powerful software to do experiments with images, audio and video.

I look for free, powerful software to do experiments with images, audio and video. ImageJ is one of those tools. It’s designed for medical imaging and gives you views of images that I’ve never seen anywhere else. It also allows you to work with stacked TIFF which not much software does. This means you can work with lossless image files, a real treat, although a hog on disk space.


Looks like it was Jun 2015 that I was working with it last. Not sure what project I ended up doing with it – I *think* something with a minecraft world, point clouds and image tiling. I was way over my head and I’m not sure what I ended up making but at least I know the time.


That’d be nice. :) Nope, I haven’t even monetized it. To do a proper youtube channel, you have to be consistent with some kind of “format” and I didn’t want a weekly or daily “show”.

I use youtube as a place to do experiments, pushing the limits of my sad laptop and myself.


Long ago when I ran a Minecraft server for my nephew, it even chronicled a little history. When the Newton school shooting happened, the users on my server got together and built a memorial as a tribute a day or two later. One of the users lived near there and one of the little kids that got killed was her little cousin and she was very upset, so ppl got together and did this, which made her feel like she was doing ‘something’.

Now when I hear people saying, “Oh, false flag!”, I just cringe at their distanced lives.



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