i’m with you. started watchi

i’m with you.
started watching it with my grandmother when I was six in new jersey usa.

49 now – I was very lucky to have been the right age in New Jersey USA when at one time THREE networks were all playing Doctor Who — on air.

I got to see nearly all of the original episodes on TV in the 80s, no netflix, no internet, not on cable.

The pain of the big pause was hard after 1989

so i’m biased. I do not decide anything about Dr. Who. I appreciate Dr. Who.

every writer and director and does what they can to bring the screenplays to life.

and I’m glad.

Jodi’s run is much like the curly haired blonde : misunderstood at the time, heavily criticized, The writing and directing slammed — and when you think back to every single doctor, this is the same pattern.

I am enjoying the hell out of Jodie’s run. Flux is amazing.

I was raised on number five and I miss his sad doctor who mostly watched and try to stay chipper. very emo.

I liked the close-up shots they did. you could read faces.

Sylvester McCoy’s run had a lot of far away shots that were confusing to me and not enough time in the tardis

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