I’m sure you knew kids growing up who were fascinated with Hitler or Charlie Manson. This is common.

It’s true that fanboy wannabes are inspired for show. There were 27 in my county school system alone, mimicking the style of either this or other schootings. Hit lists, methods of attack, threats,
Only a couple were credible.
I’m sure you knew kids growing up who were fascinated with Hitler or Charlie Manson. This is common.
But to those actually carrying things out? These were how-to education. What to do. What not to do. Meticulous planning.
Is the “haha I’ll be infamous” the #1 motivation?
I don’t think it is, except maybe in Jesse Osbourne’s case. He was also very young compared to most.
For the rest who actually carry it through, the reasons are deeper than starry eyed “I wanna be just like Columbine but better”
It’s dangerous looking for single point answers. Because of these stereotypes being perpetrated, actual kids look suspiciously at other kids for “Who is going to be THEIR school shooter?” and “edgy kids” make it a goal to bully “the weak kid” so he snaps and shoots up the school.
But they don’t because the stereotypes of “I wanna be famous” and “Weak boy snaps” are wrong, despite being true in a few cases.
It’s also not as simple as “racism” or “right wing” or “bad group of friends” or “no friends” either.
 If that’s true:
Are the millions of kids, teens and adults who play these massive multiplayer games ALL potential school shooters?
  Millions of kids get bullied daily. Millions of kids have no fathers around. Millions of kids have dreams of being an evil villain instead of a super hero. Millions of kids love things that go pow-pow and boom.How many of those kids shoot up schools?
  Pumped up kicks is still a current favorite song among late elementary to high school kids. Jokes and memes about “when your friend shoots up the school abound.Dark comedy is a staple of school and adult life. We all participate.

Lets say we start burying these stories. School shooting happens and it’s kept locally. It’s not talked about. Hushed up.

How many lives will be saved?

 Why is he making video games his problem? It couldn’t be blowing smoke to cloud things up could it?

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