I’m still on telephone lines (I’m on DSL)

Yeah, I remember.
I’m still on telephone lines (I’m on DSL) and a few years ago they upgraded the telephone lines to fiber optic, which allowed bandwidth rates to increase tremendously without compromising the low cost of it.

Not as nice as cable, but at $20/month for 10M down / 1M up it works and having been on other people’s cable, I don’t notice the speed increase that much on them. My system here supports 5 computers, Netflix, a Roku, Wii U, an iPhone 5s, several Androids, an Android Tracfone and I *think* my brother upgraded to Google TV.
[we have 12 ppl living here]

Oh, and I think one of my nieces has one of those Nabee / nabu / whatever tablets. And a WiFi extender which adds a few hundred feet of extended space here.

and I ran a popular Minecraft server with 30 slots (which were ALWAYS FULL) for 23 months straight on a laptop using Wifi.

Nobody complains about the speed but I like tweaking things a little tongue emoticon

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