I’m still not even sure what “Systems Analyst II” meant really.

I’ve worked in both types of environments. Myself, I prefer cubicles.

Maybe if I was doing the same work as everybody around me, like data entry or phone answering or programming the same type of stuff, but some jobs required working on stuff that required me to do a lot of thinking and the noisy environment would be distracting to me.

When I was a Systems Analyst , thinking time was critical because I had end-to-end responsibility so there wasn’t really any sharing of the inner workings of ‘the thing’.

I’m still not even sure what “Systems Analyst II” meant really. I guess it was a kind of engineering job? I dunno. I looked it up once and the description made sense, but it sounded a lot fancier the way they said it. To me, I was just what they called me “Excel guru”. I was ok with that.

liked being called “secret weapon” for a while too, until I realized that means, “they’re taking all the credit” [which is why I was ‘secret’], so then I started getting noisier about my role tongue emoticon

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