I’m sitting at a table, sur

I’m sitting at a table, surrounded by 13 people. I have the mini keyboard on my lap and my iPhone in my pocket. I am discretely typing this message, while making eye contact, laughing at the right times, all the stupid social crud you are ”supposed to do”.It’s keeping me here, a warm body, really serving no purpose… but the ”supposed toos” are being taken care of… and I guess its’ doing the right thing by being social… at least actively listening, if not talking :)

our kids are playing outside running around and it looks like a horseshoe pit is being set up.

Maybe I’ll work on trying to be a little social… maybe.

Right now, I’m simply happy to be blindly typing here.

:: doublechecks work :: corrects 4 spelling errors/mistypes ::: sending to my favorite ppl on G+ -Ken

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