I’m probably not going to solve all the mysteries of the Universe. But then again.. I might!

In short, *this guy* here, live as of a few minutes ago (still alive while typing), is *probably* not going to solve all of the mysteries of the Universe. At the same time… just *maybe* he will. One of the wonderful things about _not_ being embedded in a particular field. When you’re a nobody, you always have room to be a “somebody”. And of course you have to be somebody to be a nobody ’cause otherwise, you’d be a nothing. But even a nothing is a thing. So yeah. I gotta remind myself of this sometimes. Doesn’t take away from the validity of anything I say but I believe that ideas are tied into the people, and the people into cultures and histories… and histories are interestingly constructed stories… told by languages ever-changing through usage and the subcultures they’re embedded in. It doesn’t mean we can’t have solid ground. But I think the grounding is that it’s people dealing with people in the end, whether alive or from the past. The fact that we can build stuff with smaller things and predict behaviors better than in the past – well, it’s all from our perspective and for our use in the end.

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