I’m one of those like you who toy with the idea of writing my own interpreter/compiler, yes.

I’m one of those like you who toy with the idea of writing my own interpreter/compiler, yes.  :)  I’d do one for Microsoft BASIC but extended to use OpenGL and such.  I never understood why a perfectly good syntax has to be abandoned… but “basic leads to bad programming habits” and stuff.  Meh; I just like things to do what I want them to, not worry about the next guy… but I’m not much of a team player I suppose :)

The closest I came was making self-generating code in Turbo Pascal in the early 90s, a tiny AI neural net (I think also in Pascal come to think of it), and a few talk-bots in a few different languages through the years that were basically Eliza based – Chatterbot basically.    Wait, that has little to do with a compiler.  The self-generating code was fun and the AI wasn’t hard, but it was based on a model of AI from 1990/91and all it did was loop back on itself and change weights around; honestly I don’t know what the big deal is over ‘AI’ being dangerous – it’s certainly not going to take over the world… but, well, it’s the name.

Never learned assembly although it makes sense when I see it. [in the sense of “I know what it’s doing here but I don’t know why and if I actually read it all the way through, I could figure out what it’s doing”]… but most programming languages look similar to me as they mostly have similar components.  But reading is one thing… producing it is another :P

Yeah, a fortran compiler would be kinda fun… I’d just have to learn Fortran first… but it looks an awful lot like BASIC and Excel, which was my weird breakthrough of the night :) I also learned that Excel is a Reactive Functional Programming Language.  [not VBA, but the spreadsheet itself].  That’s pretty cool to me.

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