I’m on an uber non-fiction kick and enjoying it.

Yeah – it’s the one with the tabs. I’ve been using Microsoft Excel for … wow, almost two decades now for a similar purpose. I looked at Onenote (it’s free), and I can see how powerful it is. Simple to use and it would be easy to organize it. I don’t know if I’ll convert to using it but I definitely give it high marks and _could_ see myself using it if I need it.


haven’t watched TV much in a few years. Part of a “clear my head” routine. I still watch Doctor Who the rare times it comes on, and I’ll sit with other ppl sometimes to watch news with them or whatever they have on. I know _about_ WD and Game of Thrones from fans I know and know the ‘gist’ of the storyline but I’m on an uber non-fiction kick and enjoying it.


Thanks grin emoticon The colors stink, layout is confusing and it does awful for SEO. [I used to do search engine optimizaton stuff long ago before Google made it harder to play tricks].

But that’s part of why I like it. I spent most of my time in the “New Post” part and yet I can also go to a public library, get on their computers real quick if my phone is dead, and search my brain for something.

I also made it mobile friendly tongue emoticon

It’s based on WordPress though, which makes it kinda big and clunky to turn into something. I would’ve written it myself and was gong to, but I kinda gave in and just went with something that already had lots of plugins for me to achieve what I wanted with it.

I really appreciate the encouragement though! That tells me I did something right and who knows… maybe I’ll get it n my head one of these days to do just what you said like emoticon smile emoticon


Yeah – on the phone it works pretty good. I go to the search, type a few words in, pulls up a bunch of things and it’s enough for me to get back to an old post I made somewhere where I thought about the same thing.

I work on exploding myself all over the Internet. Let the backup systems keep me alive, whether or not I’m here. I try to make a difference to individuals as I go along, mostly online because people in real life are slower than people online and it keeps me going each day.


The Europeans are in Europe. The Americans are in America. I’m sorry but you’re not computing. Is European a euphemism for white people?

It’s honestly the first time I’ve heard that. I’ve heard of English-American, Scottish-American, Irish-American, African-American… etc but European majority brings to mind the EU or United Nations.

Ok. I think I understand you now. Sounded weird to my ears, that’s all


It’s a uniquely novel usage of European to me that’s all. Maybe you’re accustomed to its usage like that in whatever subcultures you are with, but it’s novel to me. Now, I’ve learned something new.

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