I’m ok with #NotMyPresident protests.

I’m ok with #NotMyPresident protests. Remember that anarchists join every protest and make it bad for the peaceful ones, but most protests are peaceful – they don’t want to get hurt.

But you gotta yell if you’re not getting heard, and they’re not getting heard if they just say “Oh, ok, that’ll be fair for me under a Trump presidency”.

It’s easy as a white male to say “it’s just an election, it’ll be fine”. I’ve said it too. For me, it will be fine either way.

But if you’re affected by the potential of a continuation of some of the worst aspects of white male culture coming down on you over the next four years, you’d protest too.

It’s also not for me to say “How they should protest”. It’s not my protest. I’ll accept Trump as President. It’s easy for me to do that.

But I respect those who need to fight to get him out. He’s obviously #NotTheirPresident and they have a right to be heard. Protests are a staple of the American scene. I just hope they stay safe as I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. But it’s their protest and I wish the best for them all. They have my support in heart.


I’m too chicken to protest. I’d be the kind of person to wear a safety pin.

But, I know better.

Please keep protesting. Keep doing it. Not for me because as a white male, I’m of the class of ppl who can wear safety pins and do the pat-on-the-head-everything-will-be-fine routine because a Trump Presidency is unlikely to change things for someone like me.

But I’m rooting from the sidelines. The most nerve I have is to defend #NotMyPresident to fellow white males I know me and I’m chicken. For all those fighting the good fight right now, you are the true Veterans of America… the ones that believe in its deeper values that go deeper than the TV show.


I respect your choice. Everybody has their way and it’s a way that works for you. I just had to find a way that worked for me. What’s weird is I didn’t even think about it – I just started doing it and baffled myself at first.



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