I’m not the homeowner. I’m just a wanderer.

luster_side2We’re all guests in each others homes. This forum is not my home, I am a guest here. I am also a guest in your home, through your phone/computer.

You bring me in.

I can’t speak for everybody else here. I’m not everybody else.

I’m not the homeowner. I’m just a wanderer.


“there is nought so vile as a fickle tongue;
no friend is he who but flatters.”

Notice. I’m discussing with you as a friend. I am not merely flattering you, agreeing with you, Liking everything you say.

I’m treating you as an equal to myself and not as enemy.

I can’t help your reception of me into your home. But you can take me as you will or reject me if you must.

“no friend is he who but flatters”.


A year ago, I took one side of my family, downloaded 800 yrs of trees and made a “most common origins” word thing, to find most common areas of origin.

[I’m a data nut – the more raw data I get the better]

But while it doesn’t show, there’s a key branch that is Norse and goes back even further. This family side is Luster, aka Lyster, Lister, or in Old Norse, Ljostra – no doubt went from spear fishing in Norway to textile dying upon immigration to England.



Now, this isn’t the whole Luster tree – these are just the trees pertaining to myself only. I was annoyed to find a little French in there… not much for the French, so probably some self-hatred there.



My mother was invited several times to join the DAR (daughters of the american revolution) but she repeatedly turned them down as she found them to be a snobby bunch, regarding anybody who didn’t have an ancestor touch a toe on Plymouth rock to be a n00b.

But on Plymouth rock my ancestors did yet this the era I live in.


But, if you do not wish to share your heritage with your potential brethren I can’t stop you.

But I’m 44. Since I was a young teenager I have been inspired by https://upload.wikimedia.org/…/2000px-Heroesjourney.svg… – the monomyth and, on and off, studied where Joseph Campbell was correct and incorrect, and understand more than I can express the intense connection one has towards one’s own mythological roots.

It goes beyond timespans longer than a single lifetime back to ages that turn from mere facts in a history book into a living breathing tradition that travels through time and connects one today to their deepest roots.

Why anyone would wish exclusive domain to theirs and not share it is unknown to me, but again, if you take my lack of instant agreement to your ideology – my probing and questioning and curiousity – as the “signs of an enemy”, then, the loss is mine.




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