I’m not much for me-too-ism.

Memeing and agreement in general can lead to strange things. On Vine, I often use extreme closeups of my eye, because it’s unique.

Well, someone decided to give me a shoutout. I have followers across the spectrum and this one gives me a tribute.

Agreement and imitation, group formation, “tribalism” behavior among humans can lead to interesting results.

“Me too!” … any kind of me too.. can lead to some strange results.

The reason these “random quote generators” work is because we’re following patterned behaviors.

Honestly, i was honored. He’s probably just one of those kids with tiny eyeballs or no pain sensors or whatever. But generally, I’m not much for me-too-ism.

Of course, in his own way, he was *mocking* imitation by “going extreme” and doing it his own way, which is what gains my respect, even though I used him as an example of imitation.finger_in_eye


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