I’m not crazy about the fact that oil drives (quite literally) all the first world comforts I enjoy, but you know what? It does.

I’m not crazy about the fact that oil drives (quite literally) all the first world comforts I enjoy, but you know what? It does.

Do I like that the things I enjoy doing, such as being online stands on the backs of many people who don’t get to enjoy it themselves? No. Yet, I’m doing it, so I shut up quickly when I feel the complaining coming on.

I don’t mind being a hypocrite either. It’s human. Consistency is actually stranger than hypocrisy. among humans. But I try to be dead honest and see things as they are, not how I’d like them to be.


I think people who envision communism as the ultimate answer want an “elevated communism”: Take all of the benefits of capitalism, keep all of the systems and processes that are required to maintain current levels, and meanwhile just “stay” where we are while ALSO sharing and caring and stuff.

Sounds great to me. Can it happen? Unlikely on a grand scale. If somebody really wants to live in a communist society, they should join a monastery or another type of intentional community. That’s the only place you find a functional communism. Even there, what do they all have in common?

They’re always looking for donations.

Where do the donations come from?



Interesting. Reading through it, Dengism *could* fit very well into an American ideology:

It is a VERY pragmatic system. That said, there’s such a thing as going in the direction of the wrong kind of efficiency so that it tramples upon some human rights.

But I can see its appeal.


eah, that’s one aspect of China I’ve always liked: everybody rents from the same government that protects it. We actually do the same in the USA (as the Federal government *does* own the land we’re on) but there are a lot of people inbetween who make their fortunes buying and selling and parceling it in the meantime. Real Estate is, in fact, one of the four major ways to get rich in the USA quite easily.



 “You make too much sense sir, away with you.”

 know. Bad habit :P I’ve had to challenge my idealisms and “face facts” a lot through the years and acknowledge a lot of things I don’t want to.

Still got the idealist dreams but I figure the only way to get there for _real_ is to see where we *actually* are: kind of an engineer perspective vs Science perspective: “What do we have to work with today” vs “What would be true in a perfect universe”.

  I started on the ‘net when it was still ARPA + Universities only back in 1990, so I’ve always been grateful to them – and of course CERN. Geez, I could start a religion with just those two government funded agencies alone.

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