I’m not a role model but I try to model being a nice guy at least.

I have a number of kid-followers online because I’m… entertaining apparently and I don’t make them feel like outcasts. [I’m also a fan of whatever the popular Internet culture is at the time, which is probably why I’m noticeable to that demographic]

Anyway… I’m not a parent but one thing about the whole “role model” thing, I try to make it known


and if they imitate me, I’m flattered but then I change my behavior because I don’t like being stereotyped.. and I’m really _not_ a role model.

At the same time, I work really hard at modelling “how to be a nice guy and not an asshole” so while I *say* “I’m not a role model” and try to be slippery when I’m imitated… at the same time, the _main thing_ I want to get across, being kind or knowing how to cope with difficulties *is* a quality I try to convey… so in _that_ sense, I don’t mind being a role model.

Mostly I try to model, “BE YOURSELF” by being weird. That seems to work

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